While organising my document archives recently, I came across several essays I’d written for class when I was doing my BSc in plant evolution and ecology.

They definitely contain some factual mistakes and misunderstandings, so caveat lector; and my phrasing here and there makes me cringe. I also couldn’t find the images for any of the figures.1

But I figured I’d upload them here, for posterity, and in case someone finds something useful in one of them.

It is also an opportunity for me to convert them from Pages, .docx, and even .doc format into plain text, and, by increasing the variety of the documents on the site, allows me to exercise the HTML rendering workflow a bit more. [I have several pages of notes on source formats and tooling, which I hope to coerce into a coherent write-up before too long.]

The essays in question are the pages dated from 2008 to 2010, listed in the index.