Reading Rust documentation offline

2020-12-26 | updated 2021-02-13

The book & standard library docs

If you installed Rust using rustup, there should be a copy on your local filesystem of the narrative documentation and the API docs for the standard library, which are also at

To open the Rust Programming Language book in your default browser:

rustup doc --book

To browse the stdlib API docs:

rustup doc --std

To look up the docs for a specific item:

rustup doc std::string::String

To open any of these in a different browser, pass the path on the filesystem, e.g.:

w3m $(rustup doc --path --std)

See rustup doc -h for the flags to view the other books (the Cargo Book, the Rustonomicon, etc.).

Other crates

To view the API docs for a dependency library locally, rather than going to, you can generate the docs for your project with cargo doc. If you don’t pass the --no-deps flag, the docs for your dependencies will also get written to target/doc/{library}/. E.g.:

echo 'rand = "0.8.3"' >> Cargo.toml
cargo doc --offline
w3m target/doc/rand/index.html